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About us

Dynamic languages are the most used programming languages in the world. They became popular because programmers are much more productive when they use them. The downside is that they also execute much, 10x-100x, slower. But because computing hardware has improved apace, it’s never really mattered. Until now. Because hardware performance improvements have been flat for over ten years.

As a result, developers have turned to languages like Golang and Rust that execute faster in exchange for lower developer productivity. Dynamic languages are still widely used, but they’re losing ground because they just can’t compete on speed.

In the cloud-native world, performance has direct cost consequences. If your program is more energy-efficient and faster, your cloud bill is also cheaper.

Magicator makes it happen.

We make dynamic languages as fast than compiled languages. We’re starting with Java with our GraalVM tool and plan to go much much further.

Want to know more? Visit our site or write us. We’re hiring engineers, marketers, and researchers.

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